Study finds 93% of bottled water contains plastic. Does yours?


New study may make you think twice.

In the largest investigation of its kind, Orb Media reported that 93% of bottled water tested showed signs of contamination from microplastics.

New health concerns were raised when plastic pieces as thick as strands of human hair were found. A single liter can contain galaxies of tiny pollutants.

It’s a complex issue and more research is needed, but there are better ways to stay hydrated in the meantime. We recommend filtering your tap water and carrying it in a glass bottle.

So go ahead and do yourself, and the planet, a favor today.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Two years ago, Soma holiday proceeds funded the Kong community in Mali, a western African country. After long awaited results, details are available and the project is completed.

Thanks to your generous support 723 people in Kong have access to clean drinking water from a localized tap stand. The tap stand in Kong connects to a larger scale system that supports clean water for a number of regions. Community members contributed to the project construction to create a sense of ownership within the community and ensure maintenance of the tap stand.

Prior to the construction of the water system, the water was not safe to drink and often made people sick. Now, people in the Kong community, especially women and girls, are walking less every day to collect water, and can safely bring home clean water to be enjoyed.

So, we raise our glasses to you all this holiday season, our community of customers, who continually gives us hope that the global water crisis can (and will) end in our lifetime.

The New Soma Filter

The Soma Filter 2.0 was developed with our customers and mission in mind. We believe that everyone deserves the right to clean drinking water, so we designed the next filter generation certified better.

The Soma filter turns ordinary tap water into fresh, filtered water, and effectively reduces unwanted contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper and more.  

We also utilize a cutting edge plant-based (sugar cane) process that results in an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. For each ton of our filter casing produced, more than 2.15 metric tons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere. That is equivalent to driving 5,153 miles in an average passenger vehicle!

Soma in Bloomingdale's

This month, we're making a splash in the home department of Bloomingdale's across the country. Find our new Soma Bottle (in all four colors) and our original Soma Carafe at of the following stores near you:

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Raise Your Glass – Introducing the World’s Most Beautiful and Sustainable Water Bottle

Continuing our mission to hydrate the world with innovative and sustainable hydration products, today we’re proud to announce the official launch of the Soma Bottle.

After years of extensive research and design, we created the Soma Bottle to make on-the-go hydration stylish, healthy and sustainable. The Soma Bottle is made with only three components: a lightweight and durable BPA-free borosilicate glass, a sleek and protective BPA-free silicone hand grip and an elegant leak-proof cap made from bamboo, a renewable resource.

We wanted to give you the same Soma experience when you’re on-the-go as we do with Soma Carafe, Pitchers. The Soma Bottle is a lifestyle accessory in itself. Our bottles not only spark conversation for their minimalist design, but also deliver on quality materials, performance and functionality.

Like our other products, the Soma Bottle includes a charitable donation for every unit purchased. To date Soma has provided 8,600 people across seven different countries clean water through our partnership with charity: water.

The Soma Bottle is available for purchase at in four attractive colors: eggplant, mint, grey and white.