International Yoga Day

In appreciation of International Yoga Day, we teamed up with a few like-minded brands to teach a free hot-yoga class for San Francisco locals. 

I have been a part of the Soma team since the beginning of our journey, and I've been fortunate enough to teach yoga in my spare time at Core Power Yoga. 

In the spirit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to share my best advice on making healthy choices with the Soma community. 

6 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle 

When I am about to make a choice in my day-to-day, I try to mantra out the following:

  1. Eat mostly plant-based foods - Go for green juices, fruits, kale, and veggies. 
  2. Listen to your body - Listen - Are you full? Fatigued? Listen to your body -- it likes to talk to you. 
  3. Drink more water -  Hydration is key to great skin, hair, and feeling alive. 
  4. Get your heart rate up daily - Move. Walk. Wake up to some Sun Salutations. 
  5. Consume meat sparingly & be conscious of protein - Our ancestors did not chase down deer every day, so I'd assume it isn't too great for our gut to eat meat at every meal. But, make sure to consume complete proteins. 
  6. Cheat day is crucial - Don't skip out on the dark chocolate or froyo all the time, you'll just overindulge later. 

And finally, slow down and enjoy every experience. Take in the people around you, the food, and the culture you foster through every experience.

It's the community that we cultivate that will turn us inward to be more conscious in our day-to-day. 

Do what makes you feel good, and stop doing what makes you feel bad. It's that simple. 

P.S. Check out our slideshow photo recap from the event, and follow us on Instagram to find out about our next Yoga session!

Yoga Day Photo Recap

Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Graf & Lantz

About Graf & Lantz

Graf & Lantz is a Los Angeles based design studio that reinterprets traditional but luxe materials into modern, minimalist men's & women's bags, home and small accessories. Featuring mainly German merino wool felt, leather and canvas textiles Graf & Lantz creates functional lifestyle pieces that embrace form, style and accessibility. For more information on the brand please visit their website

SOMA and Graf & Lantz collaborated on an exclusive set of 4 coasters with a special SOMA trivet that is available here in black and grey.

Graf & Lantz produce all of their goods in house in their own studio & factory out of a converted market space in Los Angeles, CA. Keeping their operations vertical they are able to closely monitor the quality, production and artisans for the finest execution of their design possible. 

We stopped by the Graf & Lantz headquarters recently...


Why did you start Graf & Lantz?

We are both extremely independent, curious, and adventurous people who like to create things. A couple of years ago we started making products out of felt. At the time out of our living room. We started selling and it just evolved naturally, like all the best things in life. Now with our own factory in Silverlake we can concentrate on the design process which is our favorite part. 


What is your design philosophy?

Less is more, materials are funner when they’re mixed, timelessness is better than trend, form loves function. Yes, we know its cliche but we live by it.     

Why do you use felt as a core material in your products?

Daniel:  When Holger showed me the felt from Germany for the first time it was absolutely new for me. I was hooked. it just seemed so different from what I thought I knew and I was immediately compelled. The structure and richness leave so much open to exploration. We started making things that day and we’ve never stopped. 

Holger: Felt is a very traditional textile in Germany. It is a fascinating and very versatile material. The merino wool felt we use it is all natural, sustainable and water, dirt and pilling resistant. As engineer I especially love the structural quality that allows us to make shapes that wouldn't be possible with other materials. 


Why did you decide to partner with Soma for the coaster set collaboration?

For us it’s simple, Soma represents the ideal to which we aspire. We see them as the perfect example of sharp, useful design by extremely talented and collaborative people who have created a really well run and hyper-aware business. They tend to teach us a lot.  

5 Articles on Living Simply

Looking to become a minimalist? In this blog post we’ve put together our favorite resources on how to live a simple life.


5 Big Reasons To Consider Minimalist Living

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Making the transition to living simply can be a dramatic lifestyle change for most people. Courtney Carver of Beorewithless breaks down the seven steps she took to ease her way into a minimalist life.


Source:  Sophia Baboolal

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Welcome to Karina Petroni’s Water World

In this interview, the professional surfer and model opens up about life in the water -- and why hydration is so important.

Karina Petroni’s whole life revolves around water. As a professional surfer, model, brand ambassador, and self-described “adventurer,” she travels the the globe in search of the next big wave and odyssey.

But whether she’s jetting around or home in the Bahamas, health and wellness -- and hydration, in particular -- is the cornerstone of everything Petroni does.

We recently caught up with Petroni, to learn more about life in the water, how she stays fit and healthy, and the one thing people don’t know about being a surfer.

So what does a typical day look like for a surfer?

Being a surfer means you're obsessed with the ocean -- even if there aren’t waves, you are always looking for ways to be consumed by the sea.

How does health and wellness factor into your day?

Health and wellness is a massive part of my life. It is like breathing for me. I try my best to treat my body like a machine -- whatever I put into it is how I expect it to perform. It's very simple.

What are some easy tips you'd recommend to people trying to jump-start their own healthy routines?

Water, first and foremost. People do not drink enough water -- it is the number one health solution for just about anything. Read the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water. It will truly open your eyes.

How do you make health and wellness part of your daily routine without taking over your life?

I incorporate health and wellness everywhere I go. I am constantly trying to be conscious of everything I do, standing up or sitting up straight, taking the stairs whenever possible, eating fruit on the go, every little bit counts.

How important is it to "cheat" every so often?

Cheating is fine every now and then. Everything in moderation and find the balance. I am a sucker for dark chocolate.

How do you stay healthy on the road? Any hacks?

Clean, filtered water, nuts and berries, healthy protein bars that are whey-free, granola and fruit.

How important is hydration for you?

Incredibly important, inside and out. My father drilled it into my head at an early age. I am a true believer. You can see it in people's eyes when they are well-hydrated -- it's incredible the difference it makes in one's self.

How do you stay hydrated throughout the day?

I start with drinking a liter of water as soon as I wake up and that kick-starts my day and flushes out the toxins. I like to refill the same bottle throughout the day. It helps me keep track, as well as reduce waste.

You travel quite a bit. What’s been your favorite destination thus far? And what’s your dream destination?

The world is an incredible place. I have many favorites. I fell in love with Italy last year. I fall in love easily with countries -- any destination that is adventure- and ocean-oriented is a dream destination for me. Seeing this world is the best gift you can give yourself.

Who are some of your role models?

My parents -- they are amazing people. I hope one day I can be as selfless and forgiving as them. They are beyond gracious.

What are some of the brands that resonate with you?

I have always loved J.Crew. I love brands that exude that easy, breezy feel, comfy feel, with combining sophistication, elegance, and strength.

How did you first come across Soma?

I came across Soma years ago, when a friend gifted one to me. I’ve always loved their sleek design, beautiful performance, and their mission statement.

What's one thing that people don't know about being a professional surfer?

It's still a job -- there is a lot that goes on behind the curtains than just riding the wave. Riding the wave is actually the smallest part of what it takes to become one of the best.

4 Surprising Stories About Water Quality

How safe is tap water around the country? In this blog post we recap the best news items of the month on water quality.

I’ve Got Your Back,’ Obama Tells Flint Residents

President Obama visits Flint, Michigan and promises to “make sure that the leaders at every level of government don’t rest until every drop of water that flows to your home is safe to drink and safe to cook with and safe to bathe in, because that’s part of the basic responsibilities of a government in the United States of America.” announces $250,000 in grants for the Flint, Michigan water crisis

Source:  TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

Meanwhile Google announces a $250,000 fund to aid the city of Flint. Google says that $150,000 will go towards helping researchers at the University of Michigan, and $100,000 will go to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, a local non-profit.

Drought harming water quality in inland San Diego County

An annual water study conducted in San Diego found the local water to have high bacteria levels and low oxygen levels. The county’s water quality was rated as fair to poor.

Lead in NYC's tap water is always a danger despite our quality system

Despite having one of the safest tap water sources in the United States, residents of New York should still be cautious about what is in their water. This article helps shed some light on the potential dangers of NYC’s tap water.