A World First: Soma’s Revolutionary Sustainable Water Filter Design

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.

– Marshall McLuhan


While water is something necessary for survival, which we naturally drink every day, few of us have a strong understanding of the quality of our water, or the importance of our water filters. Personally, I used to use a Brita for quite a while without giving it much thought: the container was affordable and the filter seemed to do whatever it needed to do. Between hearing that it wasn’t healthy to drink tap water and having something to keep water cold in the fridge, the plastic product felt like an easy solution. Frankly, there didn’t seem to be any alternative to the Brita at that point in time, either.

The truth is that I rarely ever changed the filter when I was supposed to, as I was fairly oblivious to the importance of doing so in the first place. And yet, it turns out that changing our filters is, in fact, the most essential part of using a water filter. Whether it is just a coincidence that this was a period in my life when I felt frequently tired and run-down, I can’t say for sure — but it’s certainly a possibility.

Every action we take is like a water droplet: our choices instantly create ripple effects in the world — whether they’re positive or negative depends on our intention. Photo courtesy of www.unicef-org.blogspot.com

Clean water is the starting place for all health. — Tim Ferriss


Happily, now there is another water filter option on the table, as the Soma water filter now fills this much needed gap for a higher quality, better functioning, more attractive, community-based and eco-friendly alternative. Soma’s entrance into this field has created an ocean of positive effects that are not reserved to our kitchens — water’s myriad magical properties are being honored through the company’s social entrepreneurship and community creation through far-reaching charity endeavors.

In a short period of time, Soma’s partnership with charity: water has already shown us the life-changing impact our actions can have. Our collective dedication to spreading awareness and pro-actively creating change in communities abroad that are affected by the water crisis is making a difference.


Soma teamed up with charity: water in order to make sure their water filter did more than just help Americans have clean water; they also wanted to bring safe water to people in countries affected by the global water crisis. Photo courtesy of charity: water.

The creation of the Soma water filter was originally inspired by co-founder and CEO Mike Del Ponte’s constant frustration with using a Brita. Having fulfilled his vision to create a beautiful alternative, Mike’s now witnessing his dream garner a lot of attention from both the field of sustainable design and the health industry. Mike wanted to touch on three specific issues he kept experiencing with the Brita: the lid that always falls off; the unsightly black specks that sit at the bottom; and the visually displeasing appearance that doesn’t exactly inspire pride when one displays it.

“[Soma's] creation story goes something like this: at a dinner party, the host pulled out his water-filtering plastic pitcher from the fridge and while pouring it, watched the top fall off and the black-flecked contents splash onto the floor. He and a friend vowed then and there to come up with a more effective and better-looking design for filtering water.”

Not only that, but Mike also realized that many people had problems, like me, with remembering to change the filter — and that this was causing health problems in people that could easily be avoided. This led him to incorporate a subscription service: Soma delivers new filters to our doorsteps as soon as they need changing — and remembers the date for us, too. I can only imagine how many people are going to feel more energized and healthy from drinking properly filtered water all the time, instead of dealing with the consequences of drinking contaminated water from an old filter.


If we want to move towards a low-polluting, sustainable society, we need to get consumers to think about their purchases.

– David Suzuki


And that’s just the back story. Even better is an explanation about what this all natural filter is actually made of. Watching this video really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Soma’s intent and ability to put their vision into action. Plus, it features a cameo by one of my favorite people — water filter expert David Beeman. Beeman has been in the water treatment business for over 35 years, having worked with top companies like Starbucks, Peet’s, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and more. He personally designed the Soma water filter, and listening to him speak about his innovation is pretty inspiring.



Here’s what Beeman has to say about his revolutionary design:

“Most water filters out there are composed mostly of plastic resin, mixed with a little bit of carbon. Soma’s product is completely organic. We’re working with a catalytic activated coconut shell carbon — it will do everything that plastic will do, in an organic method. Would you rather be drinking water that’s filtered through coconut shell or filtered through plastic? That’s pretty simple.

The Soma filter is truly unique in the industry. This is a starch based plastic — PLA [polylactic acid], together with vegan silk as a filtering pad rather than plastic screens. This entire filter is compostable. There’s nothing else like it in the world.”


The all natural, 100% recyclable Soma water filter is the first of its kind, revolutionary in its technical achievements in sustainable design. Photo courtesy of www.remodelista.com.

Understanding what our eco-friendly products are made of is essential for maintaining transparency. Being open about the ins and outs of materials, function, and other aspects solidifies shared values and intent. Learning the design story behind the world’s first all natural water filter also helps to clarify some of the questions we’ll naturally have.

As the founder of Ecofabulous, Zem Joaquin, wisely notes, “What we want is lots of little actions that build up to making one major sea change.” Small choices every day will move our planet forward. Living with positive intent in our hearts and vision in our eyes will help us to see through any storms that naturally arise along our journey.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi