Drink Up! Find Balance With Coconut Water Kefir and Soma

I drink therefore I am.

– W. C. Fields


There are so many ways to keep our bodies healthily hydrated and taste buds sated: from fresh fruit water to all natural kombucha, finding new types of delicious foods and drinks can easily become a fun hobby to impress friends and share with loved ones.

Making tasty, healthy drinks can really brighten up meal-time, especially if we’re committed to eating nutritiously. Making smart choices about our beverages — like choosing filtered water from an all-natural Soma water filter, or homemade, fermented coconut water — pleases our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Coconut water kefir

When I first saw the little bottles of coconut water kefir at my local health food store, I raised an eyebrow: “There’s no way that’s going to taste good” was, I believe, my exact thought. Though I’d never heard of kefir before, I had a feeling it would be an acquired taste. After speaking briefly with the store’s owner — “coconut kefir is fermented coconut water” — I felt that my gut feeling had been confirmed. Nevertheless, I was sold on its promise of being abundant in probiotics, and possibly reducing the pain in my injured ankle.

Since then, I’ve become quite a fan, quickly getting used to the sour taste — it’s like my own version of non-alcoholic wine. It definitely gives me more energy, and the other myriad health benefits also seem to be coming to fruition, such as shinier hair and easier digestion.

Coconut water kefir is easy enough to make at home, but it’s also available in health food stores. However we obtain it, this is a great way to infuse our inner eco-systems with helpful probiotics.

What is kefir?

Creating a lively inner ecosystem in our guts is just as important as caring for our earth’s ecosystem. While we can take probiotic capsules, we can also get the healthy organisms from food and drink, such as kefir yogurt, fermented beverages, or fermented vegetables:

According to the Aiden Health Food resource, “Probiotics are the organisms that help your body defend against disease causing bacteria, viruses, yeast and other unwelcome and dangerous invaders. You want more priobiotics than yeast in your gut to keep a healthy balance, which results in a strong immune system.”

Making coconut water kefir is pretty simple, and far more cost effective than buying the bottles — similar to the savings from brewing kombucha at home, compared to purchasing it. The idea is to simply ferment the water in a young coconut, which then produces a probiotic drink, with a wine-like taste.

Benefits of drinking coconut water kefir are…

-stops sugar cravings

-helps with general digestion

-cleanses our livers

-lessens joint aches

-improves skin complexion

-increases hair shine

-cleansing effect on our endocrine system

-increases energy


Healthy skin, shiny hair, and increased energy are just some of the positive effects from drinking coconut water kefir. If we need to get camera-ready for a special occasion, this healthy drink will not only help us to look better, but feel better too.

How to make healthy coconut kefir

Unsurprisingly, there are several wonderful resources online with simple, how-to instructions for making our own coconut water kefir at home.

Another option is making coconut kefir from the coconut’s milk, rather than its water. These are both great alternatives to dairy products that we might consume in attempt to get nutrients, but that actually cause harm, since ”the protein in cow milk metabolizes to strong acids which can be harmful to the body.”

I prefer the coconut water kefir to the yogurt, because I use it as a refreshing pick-me-up drink: perfect before plane rides, or during long work days when we need an energy boost, the fermented water has a natural spark. Follow it up with a fresh glass of cold, filtered water from the eco-friendly Soma water filter and you’ll keep headaches, fatigue, and colds at bay. It’s no surprise that the Soma water filter is partly made from coconut shell: coconuts have a natural array of positive, versatile uses.

There are lots of ways in which we can use coconuts: their delicious, nutritious meat is great for eating; making healthy yogurt and milk is better than eating dairy products; and coconut oil gives our skin and hair vital nutrients.

Boost energy for life by giving it a try

As for where to get coconuts, most Asian grocery stores will have them. Part of the adventure is finding the ingredients for our healthy lifestyles. If we’re looking to increase our energy, and have a healthier glow, coconut water kefir is something to try.

I also appreciate that it’s really hard to ‘overdose’ on this drink: since it does have a particular taste, similar to champagne, having a little bit here and there is perfect. Along with increasing my water intake, drinking coconut water kefir has led me to feel significantly better in general.

Making mindful choices about what we consume — food, drink, and vitamins — is vital for leading vibrant, fulfilling lives, and sharing ourselves with others.

Drinking healthy liquids like filtered water and coconut water kefir — or even plain coconut water, which is still incredibly nutritious — gives us much-needed energy for drinking in life, and giving it all we’ve got.


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

– Jim Rohn