The Real Truth About Natural Raw Chocolate – An Interview With Anna Suvorova

What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.

– Katherine Hepburn


45 years young, Ukraine-born yoga aficionado and raw chocolate guru Anna Suvorova knows a thing or two about inspiration. Also a motivational writer, she excels at seeing the positive side of life, and encouraging others to do the same.

She also really loves raw chocolate.

I’ve shared my ignorance about raw chocolate in the first post of this series, so hopefully we can gain some insight during my chat with the lovely lady herself. Having lived in over 10 countries so far, Anna currently calls Chiang Mai, Thailand her home. Here, she runs Raw is Real, leads raw chocolate workshops, and is working on a book about this yummy subject. Incredibly kind-hearted and passionate about finding the luxury moments in life, her enthusiasm for raw chocolate has gotten me really excited to try it for myself.

A passionate yogi and raw chocolatier, Anna’s favorite quote is, “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” – Bruce Wayne

Photo courtesy of Anna Suvorova.

K: Can you explain a bit about what drew you to start Raw is Real?

A: “It stemmed out of my passion and love for raw cacao. Living with an auto immune disorder since 14, without any medical drugs. Making a serious effort to stay away from chemicals and anything unnatural left me feeling very unsatisfied with the ‘luxury moments’ in life. Finally when I discovered that I could actually have chocolate that’s real, yummy, and healthy, my life was changed forever. I started making it, playing with it, sharing it, and teaching others how to make it. The realization that I could have chocolate as a super food, rather than as a sugar-chemical mixture rocked my world!”

K: Your mission statement with Raw is Real is: ‘Conscious Food Education via the magic of Raw Cacao.’ What does this entail? How can raw cacao help facilitate this?

A: “Raw cacao of a high quality is one of the most potent super foods on Earth. It activates our pineal gland and energizes the entire human system. As any super food, it speaks to our DNA, making us remember who we are.”

Delicious treats like these can actually help us to feel more energized. Plus, if we make our own raw chocolate, we’re not supporting ethically corrupt corporations like Nestle. Photo courtesy of Anna Suvorova.

K: What, exactly, is raw chocolate? Why is it better for us than normal chocolate?

A: We have to be as selective about our raw cacao as we are about our life partner. The truth is that bad quality raw cacao is very bad for you — it has mold and toxins in it in the same way that GMO broccoli that has been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides is really bad for you. When raw cacao is grown by people who understand the higher principles of this world, it can have lots of benefits.

– RC (Raw Chocolate) is made from raw cacao beans (processed below 105 degrees), considered to be one of the top Super Foods known to humanity.

–These yummy treats are made without white sugar, or any other empty (or damaging) food substances.

– RC is a rich source of antioxidants; even more so than blueberries or green tea.

– RC  is packed with minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese.

– Eating Raw Chocolate can make us feel blissed out and high: “A neurotransmitter called anandamide was isolated in chocolate by neuroscientist Danielle Piomelli in 1996.”

– Consuming RC keeps our level of PEA high. PEA is a legendary “love molecule,” the same molecule that is responsible for our feeling of being in love. RC is also known to act as an aphrodisiac.


Raw chocolate comes in various forms, each which their individual use and health benefits. Giving raw chocolate a try might be the ticket to quitting a harmful sugar habit. Image courtesy of Raw is Real.

Anna’s tips

Do your research, and ask lots of questions about your raw cacao provider. Here are some of Anna’s tips when we’re considering diving into the delicious world of raw chocolate:

1. ONLY buy the highest quality raw cacao.

2. Question suppliers and manufacturers. Those who do it correctly will proudly share how much they go through to bring us this astonishing magical super food. Some good questions to ask are: How old are the trees? Are they grown naturally? Is there child labor involved? Is it really Raw?

Indulging in the natural pleasure of raw chocolate can also inspire us to share the moment with friends and loved ones. Try hosting a small gathering where everyone brings their favorite simple treat (wine, smoothies, dips, etc.), and revel in collective luxury. Photo courtesy of Raw is Real.

3. Buy your raw cacao in these forms:

Beans —  to just snack on a few. I prefer unpeeled for the high buzz!

Nibs — are best for chocolate making and smoothies.

Cacao paste — makes it easy to make your own chocolate.

Cacao powder — is the best thing ever! Great for chocolate making, smoothies, vegan healthy cakes, and raw brownies.

Cacao butter — is like luxurious, edible gold. Good for the skin, good for chocolate-making, and good for love-making, too!

4. Be chocolate-wise, healthy and playful.

Even if raw chocolate isn’t your thing, it’s can serve as a useful reminder to seek creative, natural alternatives to the mainstream food industry that often uses chemicals and unethical methods of production. Photo courtesy of Raw is Real.

So, if you’re feeling the yummy urge to experiment with raw chocolate in your life, just keep in mind that you need to make sure the ingredients are high quality and ask critical questions about your provider. In moderation, raw chocolate is a great way to indulge in luxury moments. When we make time for the small pleasures in life, we become richer in our hearts; sharing some chocolate with a friend, indulging in some quality self-care time, or having a long chat with a friend about anything and everything — these are the moments that make life beautiful.


In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

– Khalil Gibran