Can Healthy Fruit Water Hold its Own Against Sugary Sodas?

As we wind our way out of the summer season, I love finding ways to make it last all year round. Really, who doesn’t want perma-sunshine, cloudless skies, and eternal beach days? One easy and inexpensively simple way to prolong that bright feeling is fruit water.

Fresh mangoes anyone?

Confession time

I have to admit that I used be an avid diet soda drinker. I know, terrible. Even though it’s not totally proven to be harmful, my gut knows that ingesting aspartame and the other chemicals can’t be good for me. Plus, as soon as I stopped drinking it, I felt better! Simple. I also now feel good about my choices because they’re in line with my values, including practicing good self-care. I’m certainly not ‘perfect’ –  since there’s no such thing! – but my integrity is in check. Making the choice to cut out diet sodas turned out to be just like getting rid of a toxic relationship. At first it’s a bit tough because it’s breaking comfort, but in the end I feel so much healthier and better about myself!

Fruit + water = sweet, naturally

Anyhow, back to the fruit water, because I swear it all ties in. Fruit water is the pure answer to the question of diet drinks and sugar sodas. So, you’ve got some nice cold water in your fridge? And maybe some summer fruit you nabbed up at the store, still fresh and ready to eat? Slice it up, pop it in the water, and you’re good to go! Honestly, this is such a refreshing drink that will give you energy and brighten your spirit. You can gently squeeze the fruit into your glass or pitcher before plunking it in, to release the juices if you like. Stock up on your favorite fruits now and stash them in the freezer, ’cause frozen fruit will also work great for this. You can even take herbs, like mint, and do the same thing – try crushing the herb gently to let the flavor loose.

Relax with a fresh glass and get the bonus of eating the nicely chilled fruit after!

Feel free to go for tried and true combos like strawberry + kiwi, lemon + lime, or mango + orange. Or for a herbal advantage, give strawberry + mint a go.

Classics never fail to satisfy; they’re staples for a reason. For the more adventurous, mix n’ match fruits like a rebel with a healthy cause! As my old boss used to say, fortune favors the bold!

Five naturally sweet but odd couples for starters:

1. Nectarines + blueberries

2. Papaya + lime

3. Pineapple + orange

4. Plums + sweet berries.

5. Blackberry + sage (…this one sounds a bit sexy. Just me?)

Fizz it up!

Another fresh idea is to carbonate these babies for a healthy, homemade seltzer. To do this, you’ll need a home carbonator, which is actually a pretty neat gadget and cost effective if you happen to be a fan of carbonated beverages. If you’re addicted to sugary sodas or diet drinks like I was, this can also be a way to meet your need for fizzy and cut out the bad stuff that usually comes with it. Just some drink for thought!

Homemade sparkly H2O is another cool way to shake up your fruit water.

Looking good

As a bonus, these drinks look super pretty and are easy to dress up. Use funky clear glasses, stick some fun stir sticks or umbrellas inside, and use the fruit peel or herbs as garnish around the rim. My favourite part is you get to eat the fruit after you’re finished your drink! Super tasty and refreshing. Serve a pitcher with a plate of healthy munchies like veggies, hummus and pita bread, and you’re all set to entertain your friends with nourishment. They’ll appreciate your efforts and leave feeling ready for action, instead of needing to take a nap!

If you’re having a girly get together, add some fruity colored nail polish for a finger painting session and some veggie/fruit made facial masks. Having a pampering session with good friends is really a cure for so many ailments. The onslaught of bright colors will also give you some color therapy that will naturally brighten moods if you’re doing this on a grey day. A great way to add good self-care to your social calendar – hitting two birds with one papaya, if you will.

Here’s to some happy, healthy, and colorful drinking.

Color therapy can be an added bonus to a fruit water party friends and a way to keep fresh summer colors in your home all year round.