Soma Black at A+R

Throughout the years, A+R has built not only a collection of beautiful products, but a beautiful community. We admire founders Andy Griffith and Rose Apodaca’s passion for sharing well-curated designs within their LA store and beyond.

The duo began A+R (now a widely recognized and highly regarded design shop) after the idea manifested itself in the way that all great ideas do – over margaritas at a Baja roadside inn, of course!

From bookmarks to bedding, travel accessories to tableware, and phone cases to carafes, each visit to A+R is guaranteed delight for the design-minded.

We're still unsure of how Andy and Rose not only find the time to scour the globe for original and inspiring pieces, but also test each item they sell. In fact, A+R only sells products which have been personally tested and approved by both Griffith and Apodaca. 

We're excited that the duo has excellent taste and loves the Soma as much as we do!