Samovar - A New Tea Concept

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After years of enjoying Samovar's carefully selected teas, we were pleased to try founder Jesse Jacobs' new venue. The second you round the corner on 15th and Valencia, you see their best selling elixir: homemade chai (available dairy-free). 

What's different about this Samovar location is that 411 Valencia encourages tea on the go. Fast tea is the equivalent of how we drink coffee. It may be artfully crafted and we may even choose to sip it for a half hour like an Americano, but unlike getting a pot of slowly steeping tea at other locations, this comes by the cup and can be taken on the go. 

What to get: The Rosey Palmer is a rose-infused lemon iced tea. You'll become addicted. Guaranteed. Get it on a hot day and sip as you shop Valencia or head to Dolores Park. 

Soundbite: One of Samovar's veteran teammates, Jody, shared reflections on the first weeks of Samovar Valencia being opened. 

"I love the space. It welcomes me every time I walk in. I've seen cyclists on the other side of the street catch the scent of our chai and do a U-turn to come check us out. My personal favorite tea is the Green Ecstacy. It activates creativity."

Inside tip: Walk into the bathroom and look up for unique art.

411 Valencia Street, San Francisco