The Centerpiece | Kara Elise


In celebration of the holiday season, we've teamed up with some of our friends to share their best tips and tricks for the holiday season. For part one, our friend Kara Elise shares some entertaining tips and one of her favorite cocktail recipes, featuring Soma water.

Tips By Kara Elise

The holidays are fast approaching and I could not be more excited. The scents in the air, the various decorations popping up in every shop, and the pumpkin spice lattes are creating such an anticipation of this season. Holidays are such a pivotal time for connecting with family and friends. They create a space for us to gather with the ones we love and connect with the people who matter to us the most. My favorite part of holiday season are the various dinner parties. Food is abundant and is such a vehicle for bringing people together.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, having the time and energy to prep for entertaining can be daunting. It can be an added stress to know that you’ve got to entertain guests. I’ve teamed up with Soma and compiled a few of my favorite entertaining tips, that I hope can alleviate a bit of stress and create more enjoyment as you host for the holidays. 


1. Hydrate!

It may sound obvious, but drinking enough water is one of the most crucial parts of staying well and feeling great throughout the holidays. So often, our intake of salt and alcohol is increased over these months, and having enough water in your system is a crucial part of healthy digestion, avoiding bloating, and staying healthy throughout the holidays. Keep a Soma pitcher full throughout your holiday, and have water accessible for all your guests. Slice up some lemons and limes to add a little splash and color to your hydration!

2.  Get Natural with Your Tablescape

I love combining ferns, pine cones, pomegranates, lemons and limes, and apples for table decor. You can use things that are already accessible in your yard or kitchen to add fun elements of decor. 

3.  Pre-Set Your Table

When you set your table the night before hosting, it removes such pressure from the day. Mix match your dishes, add different fabrics and linens for texture, and write out name cards for a special touch during the holiday season. 

4.  Your Presence Matters

Though it sounds simple, the host of the party plays such a crucial part in setting the tone of the evening. If you’re stressed, running around, and unable to engage with your guests, they pick up on that and it affects the entire environment. A calm and welcoming host creates an environment that communicates that your guests are welcome and you are happy to have them.

5.  Timing is Everything

Timing is crucial in any dinner or party. If it helps, write out a schedule of all the things you hope to accomplish, and then build them into a timeline for the day. This helps with navigating your time and knowing what to prioritize.

6. Crafted Cocktails are Key  

Create a custom cocktail for the evening that is repeatable and seasonal. To help get your creative juices flowing, I've included a recipe for one of my favorite simple holiday cocktails made with Soma Purified Water.


Simple Syrup

1 cup purified Soma water

1 cup sugar

2 cups pomegranate seeds


16oz rye whiskey

8oz pomegranate simple syrup

4 oz lemon juice

8 oz ginger ale

To make the simple syrup, heat the sugar, water and pomegranate seeds until the sugar is dissolved. Run through a blender and then strain through a fine mesh strainer. Let the syrup cool.

To make the cocktail, combine your whiskey, simple syrup and lemon juice in a large punch bowl. Stir well. When you’re ready to serve, pour in your ginger ale. Serve in a cocktail glass over ice, and garnish with extra pomegranate seeds.

As you jump into this season, I hope its one filled with love, lots of laughter, and an abundance of memories!