The Centerpiece | Smoke & Honey

In celebration of the holiday season, we've teamed up with some of our friends to share their best tips and tricks for the holiday season. For part two, our friend and "Leisure Expert" Rachel Mae Furman of Smoke & Honey explains why Soma Water is important for her favorite winter nightcap. 

The perfect winter night for me involves lighting some candles, playing some records and sipping some scotch from my whiskey collection.

It's the little details that can elevate the experience. Some sexy glassware not only looks good, but the right glass can capture and hold the aromas. 

A touch of water opens up the scotch to release the tasting notes. You wouldn't want to ruin a good scotch with tap water, so it's important to use filtered water. My Soma Carafe adds function with style to my bar cart, and a crystal glass with a mini salt spoon is a classy way to add a few drops. 

I like to make a "scotch nook" in my house-- a comfy chair where I already have my glasses and tools ready. A bar cart in the living room or a tray on any side table makes you ready when the situation arises.

Light a candle, cue an old blues record and bliss out for the weekend. Cheers!