Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint in 2014

Energy is the driving force that powers all our daily actions.

Food strengthens us to move and think. Fuel drives our cars to work every day. The power outlet that I am currently hooked up to allows me to type this blog post. We are surrounded by energy and use it, a lot.

When energy is consumed or combusted, it releases carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Yup, that’s right — a big no-no.  So, one of our main goals at Soma is to reduce and offset this carbon footprint, and we choose to do this by turning to nature.

Trees and plants help offset large amounts of carbon dioxide from our world; the more plants and trees we have around, the more carbon dioxide get taken out of the air.

For 2014, Soma partnered with 3Degrees to completely offset all of our emissions.

What does that actually look like?

  1. Growing 1,974 trees for 10 years
  2. Avoiding 179 barrels of oil
  3. Taking 16 cars off the road for one year

Through a donation that supports the Garcia River Conservation Forest Project, we offset the burn from our daily commutes, office electricity and the Soma’s moved by our logistics partners. We’re also helping to prevent deforestation within our local California Redwood forests! It was a win-win for all: a home for the endangered Northern Spotted Owl, a campsite for us to venture to on the weekends, and a carbon offset project for Soma.

Northern Spotted Owls. Photo credit:

Northern Spotted Owls.
Photo credit:

However, offsetting our emissions is just the beginning. We don’t want to just put a band-aid over the problem, we want to fix it. It’ll take a lot of hard work, dedication, and questioning the status quo of how business is typically done.

Soma joined the B Corporation community in 2014 because we believed that we could do business for a better future – better for you, our community, and even those halfway around the world. Energy consumption is included in this mix, and we wanted to be held accountable for the impact our energy consumption has on our planet.