World Water Day - A Day to Celebrate


Water is more than half our body, and is essential for human sanitation.

Water is the heartbeat of the ecosystem, and allows  our cities, schools, and industries to thrive.

Water is the pour over coffee we love, the lunch we just ate, and the soccer game we played yesterday.

Water is gender equality. It is family.

Water is essential.  

Although it is our best friend, it can also be our worst enemy. For 748 million people, water is a difficult resource to come by. Lack of fresh water resources continue to threaten people around the world and significantly correspond to climate change.

However, World Water Day is not a day meant to mourn, it is a day to celebrate. Today we, Soma, rejoice our best friend  and bring light to the space in which we can continue to make an impact.  We reduce the daily use of manufactured plastic water bottles, we monitor and limit our operational water consumption, and we commit to providing 1 million people clean drinking water.  

Join the celebration by turning off your tap, choosing not to eat that steak, cutting your shower in half, or starting a charity: water birthday campaign. By changing our water habits, together we can continue to drive global change.

Today, we raise our glasses to you, Agua, Shuǐ, Eau, Water.