Introducing The Soma Pitcher

Today, we're proud to announce our newest product: The Soma Pitcher.

Since we first launched the Soma Carafe, one of the most common requests we get is for a larger water filter. While the Carafe's 6-cup (48 oz.) design is perfect for small homes and personal use, larger households (and the extra thirsty) craved something that could hold more. At 67% larger with a 10-cup (80 oz.) capacity, we think this is the perfect answer.

We believe the Soma Pitcher is a natural evolution of the Soma product family. With a precise pour, beautiful white oak wood handle and a larger capacity, it delivers on both form and function. We sourced the highest quality materials we could to create a product without compromise.

Sustainably Sourced White Oak Wood Handle

It was really important to Soma's industrial designers, Joe Tan and Markus Diebel, to use natural materials in our products. This is why we chose glass for our Carafe, and now, a beautiful white oak wood.

Along the way, we learned that sustainably sourcing wood is no small feat. The Soma team spent over a year researching and vetting both wood species and vendors. Ultimately, we selected a white oak grown in the United States known for its beauty and durability. It's used to make barrels for aging wine, as well as for hand-crafted furniture. We also love it because every Soma Pitcher handle is unique due to natural variations in color and grain, and each handle is treated with mineral oil to protect it and maintain its shine. 

The Perfect Pour

The Soma Pitcher has also been designed to make filling and pouring even more enjoyable. The inlet door on the Pitcher lid works like the Carafe, opening with the force of incoming water so the lid does not need to be removed for filling. The difference is that the inlet door on the Pitcher is larger, making it even easier to fill. And unlike the Carafe, the Pitcher has a pointed outlet door which makes for a more precise pour, whether you’re filling a typical glass, or a water bottle with a small opening. 

The Pitcher itself is made of a BPA-free plastic. It looks like glass, but has the benefit of being light-weight and shatter-proof. It also uses the same plant-based water filter as the Carafe.

We hope you love the Soma Pitcher as much as we do. After more than a year of planning, perfecting and testing, we're excited to share this with you today.

To learn more about the Soma Pitcher and to get one for yourself, visit the Soma Pitcher page here.

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