4 Surprising Stories About Water Quality

How safe is tap water around the country? In this blog post we recap the best news items of the month on water quality.

I’ve Got Your Back,’ Obama Tells Flint Residents

President Obama visits Flint, Michigan and promises to “make sure that the leaders at every level of government don’t rest until every drop of water that flows to your home is safe to drink and safe to cook with and safe to bathe in, because that’s part of the basic responsibilities of a government in the United States of America.”


Google.org announces $250,000 in grants for the Flint, Michigan water crisis

 Source:  TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

Meanwhile Google announces a $250,000 fund to aid the city of Flint. Google says that $150,000 will go towards helping researchers at the University of Michigan, and $100,000 will go to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, a local non-profit.


Drought harming water quality in inland San Diego County

An annual water study conducted in San Diego found the local water to have high bacteria levels and low oxygen levels. The county’s water quality was rated as fair to poor.


Lead in NYC's tap water is always a danger despite our quality system

Despite having one of the safest tap water sources in the United States, residents of New York should still be cautious about what is in their water. This article helps shed some light on the potential dangers of NYC’s tap water.