Refreshing Resolutions: Healthy Living Tips with Kim Mahair


Here’s a term you probably haven’t heard in a while: New Year’s Resolutions. We know life happens, so those goals may drift away from your immediate focus. Nutrition and healthy living is usually at the top of everyone’s list, so we chatted with our friend Kim Mahair to give some nifty tips and tricks to get those resolutions back on track.

 1.     Land the plane.

When it comes to sleep, quality is more important than quantity, and catching those valuable z's are imperative to your nutrition and well being. Have a pre-bedtime wind-down activity that doesn't include your phone or any other electronics. Try stretching, reading a book, or playing an instrument.

2.     Have an identity crisis.

Be vegan one week and then pescatarian the next. Find new healthy foods and recipes that you are excited to try.

 3.     Consume sugar.

The kind that comes from fruits! If you have healthy natural sweetness in your diet you'll be less likely to reach for candy or sugary drinks. Honey and fresh squeezed juices are my go-tos.


4.     Color your plate.

I'm constantly creating recipes and styling them to be shot. Many times I'll put together a dish with ingredients based on their colors and vibrancy and it always ends up being a nutritionally packed delicious meal! 

 5.     Let go of the latte.

Coffee is probably playing a huge part in your issues with stress, skin, and mood. Believe it or not, the best thing to restore your pluck is good old-fashioned water.