An Interview with Simon Cheng of Pique Tea

What makes Pique Tea different from other tea brands?

Pique Tea has found a way to turn organic whole leaf tea into instantly dissolving Tea Crystals that deliver the fresh flavor and natural antioxidants of exceptional tea without the hassle of brewing, waiting, steeping or cleanup.   We believe tea should be consumed as much as possible, in lieu of all other beverages and as a great compliment to water. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water but not in the US where soda is the second most drank beverage. We are on a mission to change that. And we believe the only way to do so is by making tea healthier, easier and more enjoyable. That's why our Tea Crystals deliver an exceptional cup of tea, in an instant, anytime and anywhere.

Why did you start Pique Tea?

I grew up drinking whole leaf tea brewed. Having had a series of health problems when young, I became very passionate about traditional health practices. During a trip to tea land in Western China, I discovered a 1,300 year old tradition called Cha Gao, lost to all but Himalayan villages and classical medical records. Cha Gao was used to extract the powerful health properties of tea into a dissolvable tea paste. I was so inspired by its incredible health benefits, that I spent years in collaboration with leading tea farmers and tea masters to integrate this ancient tradition with modern science to create best healthy tea.

Why is water important to you?

Water is the substrate for all the antioxidants, nutrients and flavor in tea. The purer the water, the better the tea tastes and the less likely beneficial antioxidants in tea become adulterated.

Why did you decide to partner with Soma for this promotion?

Soma is a brand that we resonate with on many levels. It's better for you. The water it makes is pure. The coconut coal in its filter reflects an appreciation for nature and sustainability. It's design is beautiful and reflects an ethos that cares about user experience physically and aesthetically.