The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Two years ago, Soma holiday proceeds funded the Kong community in Mali, a western African country. After long awaited results, details are available and the project is completed.

Thanks to your generous support 723 people in Kong have access to clean drinking water from a localized tap stand. The tap stand in Kong connects to a larger scale system that supports clean water for a number of regions. Community members contributed to the project construction to create a sense of ownership within the community and ensure maintenance of the tap stand.

Prior to the construction of the water system, the water was not safe to drink and often made people sick. Now, people in the Kong community, especially women and girls, are walking less every day to collect water, and can safely bring home clean water to be enjoyed.

So, we raise our glasses to you all this holiday season, our community of customers, who continually gives us hope that the global water crisis can (and will) end in our lifetime.